A Proven Leader Who Gets Things Done

Karla Cisneros is a proven leader who gets things done

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Learn About Some of Council Member Karla Cisneros’ Initiatives Here:


Subcommittee on Education

Council Member Karla Cisneros serves as the Chairwoman of the Economic Subcommittee on Education, which seeks to uphold the Economic Development Committee’s mission and to connect youth to educational and workforce development opportunities to empower youth to enter and succeed in Houston’s dynamic economy.

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Every summer, Council Member Karla Cisneros' TechConnect Program helps bridge the digital divide for kids living in District H by hiring neighborhood youth to support younger neighborhood children by teaching technology and STEM, implementing library programming, and promoting literacy.

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Love Your Pet Month

Council Member Cisneros launched the Love Your Pet initiative targeting Houston and Harris County, a project which included a series of events and opportunities during the month of February 2019 in conjunction with the annual, international World Spay Month.

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Hurricane Harvey

Council Member Cisneros has been intimately involved with helping District H residents affected by Hurricane Harvey. From orchestrating initial emergency and relief efforts, connecting people to resources and funding, helping residents clear hurdles to recovery, lobbying for funding, reprioritizing infrastructure dollars, supporting new standards for resiliency, and the ongoing work to repair homes and neighborhoods, it’s all about getting people back on their feet. 


Illegal Dumping

Council Member Cisneros is supplementing funding to the Solid Waste Department to implement innovative solutions with Harris County Constable Alan Rosen, the Greater Northside Management District, and Greater East End Management District to fight illegal dumping. She has funded hidden cameras to catch and prosecute violators, and has provided resources to put collaborative systems in place to collect and dispose of illegal dumping.


Infrastructure List

With input from constituents, Council Member Cisneros has identified and documented infrastructure project requests for District H. This information is proving to be an efficient and effective communication tool in seeking support and addressing issues.

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Safe Streets for All Users

The goal of Vision Zero is to eliminate all traffic fatalities and serious injuries through system design. Slowing speeding traffic through neighborhoods, creating safe passageways for pedestrians and cyclists, while providing convenient connectivity to public transportation, is a priority of the Council Member. She has helped fund the implementation of approximately 8 miles of the Bike Plan, the installation of six new B-Cycle Bike Share stations, expedited sidewalk repair for senior citizens and disabled residents, purchased speed trailers for HPD, and is systematically working to address an extensive backlog of neighborhood speed cushion requests. 


Mobility and Transportation

The critical decisions being made today about Houston’s mobility and transportation systems are shaping our future and the consequences will be long lasting. Council Member Cisneros is an outspoken advocate for mitigating harmful impacts and identifying opportunities. The proposed I-45 reconstruction and the new Hardy Toll Road Connector will profoundly impact the quality of life in District H neighborhoods and demand more consideration before being implemented. 

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Public Parks

Bringing resources to District H Parks has been a priority for Council Member Cisneros. She has funded park improvements across the district.

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Art Initiatives

Council Member Cisneros actively supports art, artists, and art programming. She regularly seeks opportunities to connect and integrate the art community into everyday life in District H neighborhoods, such as murals and Mini-Murals, sculpture, grant workshops, student exhibitions, support for “Latino Art Now!”, and messaging public service announcements with local poets.


Environmental Justice

Council Member Cisneros is dedicated to addressing environmental hazards in neighborhoods that affect not only health, but also impact the ability of children to learn and succeed. Her advocacy for lead-based paint abatement resulted in the City increasing its funding commitment to raise the Federal match. Children growing up in poverty are especially vulnerable to particulate matter in the air because of the prevalence of concrete batch plants, proximity to highways, and metal recycling facilities.


Little Free Library Initiative

Council Member Karla Cisneros's Little Free Library program has built and placed 24 Little Free Libraries all across District H.

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Early Childcare Providers

Support for quality, affordable early childcare has been an important focus of Council Member Cisneros. She initiated an effort more than a year ago to support, improve, and expand the Texas Rising Star Program in District H, and we are seeing the positive results of that now. The number of qualifying Texas Rising Star Providers has increased and the quality ratings for the programs have gone up.

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After School Programs

 Council Member Cisneros is a generous funder and supporter of after school programs.  This year alone she funded over 25 programs across District H, bringing music, art, dance, coding, gardening, and social services to neighborhood children.

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Back-to-School Backpacks

Council Member Cisneros understands that not every student in need is able to attend the various back to school resource fairs prior to the start of the school year, so coordinating with and delivering straight to the schools has proved the most efficient way to reach those students.

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In addition to attending or sending representation to civic meetings to brief and dialog with residents, Council Member Cisneros regularly participates in and actively supports community and neighborhood events. The District H website and Facebook page document important information, and the weekly newsletter every Thursday helps share upcoming opportunities and important info with constituents.


Customer Service

Council Member Cisneros’ City Hall staff is known for being attentive, courteous and helpful to constituents. Staff is onsite from 8-5, Monday-Friday, and make it a priority to respond to people quickly and assist with requests. Learn how to connect with them here.